Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios 2013 Day One Saturday 25th May

This is just our first day out to the north and west of the county – Kayley and I have another 2 Saturday trips planned – and we were not disappointed. Either we are really good at picking artists to visit, or the standard this year is really high.  We have managed to resist buying anything (yet – apart from one small print by Robert Gillmor) but only because we want to see everything first – but we both got really excited right from the first stop at Carolyn MacArthur’s studio in Whissonsett.

4 portraits by Carolyn MacArthurWe went on to a couple of old favourites, Colin Bygrave in Briston and Robert Gillmor in Cley – both amazingly talented and lovely people.  We usually don’t do many repeat visits, but we both wanted to see their latest work.  I already have a couple of Colin Bygrave’s prints, and one of Robert’s (which makes Kayley jealous every time she sees it).



We went on to see Tracey Ross in Houghton St Giles near Walsingham; she does some wonderfully atmospheric and detailed coastal scenes.


then on to Michael Chapman in South Creake, who was so interesting and welcoming – he had a range of different styles and even work by different artists on show, from his days of running a gallery


and on to Hugo Platt in Harpley, who had very few pictures to show – but they were so amazing it was worth the trip, especially since his daughter gave us a little tour and was obviously so proud

ImageWhat a grand day out, with the company of the lovely Kayley – my discerning art-loving friend with an eye for the wierd and wonderful!  What a shame we missed our afternoon tea and cakes and had to make do with a Wetherspoons at the end of the day.  Can’t wait till next Saturday, when we visit the south and east.



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