Day 2 (and a half) Saturday 1st June – and a little bit of Sunday

This was a day to tour the east and south of the county, and we didn’t quite finish the visits we had planned – so I went to another couple on Sunday on my own.  Amazingly we have both resisted the urge to buy anything yet, even though we are very taken with a couple of paintings.

Our first visit of the day was to the Felthorpe 4 (sorry guys, but that name conjures images of a miscarriage of justice) who are Pia Zocca, Lesley Ash, Jackie Wilson and Susanne Lakin.  Pia was very friendly and chatted about her glass work.ImageImage

I didn’t get photos but Kayley and I were very taken with Lesley’s bronze chickens, and with Jackie’s lovely Raku pots.  Susanne does beautiful collage work and paintings, and I was very tempted…


Off we went to our next stop, Georgina Barker at her gallery space at Wolterton Park – very scenic.  Two of her paintings are on our ‘definitely maybe’ list which has to wait until the end of our visits otherwise we will find it really hard to go and see other artists when we have no money left – but I’m not including them here for obvious reasons


Next we drove over to Aylsham and made a stupid mistake – we visited someone who actually wasn’t on our list, because two artists live within a few doors of each other.  These aren’t really my taste, but are beautifully executed so here are some of Mary Randall’s flower pictures (rather than Mary Newton’s lovely award-winning seascapes – oh well, maybe next year…we needed lunch so gave it a miss!)


We had lunch at a really nice little cafe called the Food Lovers, which is next to the Black Sheep; apart from the really annoying pan pipe musak playing in the background, the soup was home made and very good


It’s part of the pleasures of the day to have nice stop for tea and cakes, but we decided to hit the road again – I’m beginning to think we spend too long nattering with the artists to get round everybody we plan for the day, but hey, that’s is also part of why I love Open Studios rather than just going to galleries

So next we went to see Sam Robbins in Westwick who had made some comment about showing ‘disturbing nudes’ which intrigued us both.  Actually they were gorgeous, even though I would describe one as a bit full-on for my living room – interestingly that was the one used in the brochure, not the ones shown below:


Also Sam had the most lovely studio space I think I’ve seen this year, and he was really funny and chatty – he’s obviously a really experienced and talented painter, but he is doing a Masters and talked about how much of a difference it has made, re-energising him in his work (another one on the definitely/maybe list)

ImageAs a little bonus we also saw work at the same studio by Rebecca Lysaght which was an unexpected treat – beautiful bluesImage

Next we went to Sarah Scott at Ingham – sorry but the camera didn’t even get taken out here as I wasn’t a fan 😦

Then to Pomegranate Studios in Postwick,  where we were both impressed by Juliet Wimhurst’s paintings

juliet wimhurst at pomegranate

and that’s where we ran out of time – everyone closes as 5 and we sat in the car at 4:50 realising there was no way we could get to Surlingham by 5….so we ended up back in Norwich for a saunter and a meal at the Spice Lounge (crumbs – never seen so many men eating out together, but apparently it is the place to go for a stag do and was appropriately noisy)


That should have been the end of it – but I didn’t want to miss anything, especially I was keen to see Paul Cozens and I knew we wouldn’t have time next week – so off I went on Sunday to Surlingham and Stoke Holy Cross, and it was really worth my efforts, although I could only take photos on my phone, which takes rubbish pictures – sorry!  Petrina Ferry’s paintings were lovely (if out of my price range)

petrina ferreyand Paul Cozen’s paintings are exceptionally good in their treatment of light – he’s fairly prolific for someone who is a part-time artist as he says he paints probably one picture a week, but I was impressed and he is also on my definitely/maybe list.


The end of another lovely weekend – only one more day to go (next Saurday) and then some hard choices to be made…it is always hard walking away from someone’s work when you love it, because you are taking a risk that someone else is going to buy it – but then again, a little bit of perspective is usually a good thing for what (to me) is a major purchase and one I hope to enjoy for years to come.


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