Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios 2013 Day 3 Saturday 8th June

This was our final day, and I have to admit we were both a little bit silly with excitement because today was the day we would choose what to buy, from all the lovely pieces we had seen.

Our first stop was to see Phil Wilkinson on Cotman Road.  He had an amazing selection of work – I’m looking forward to going back next year, as Phil is just starting on a more abstract style, and I was really impressed.  He had a lot of unframed work that was priced low – I don’t think he appreciates quite how good he is.  Kayley and I both decided to buy something from that collection, despite all of our promises to save decisions until the end of the day.  Wierdly, we both chose the same subject – Kayley’s in colour, and mine in black and white – sorry, no pictures of these.



Next to Richard Newby’s, out in Ashwellthorpe.  What a lovely man – and beautiful acrylic collage work.  I had been inspired to add Richard to our list because I had seen one of his pieces at the preview in the Forum in Norwich.  I know he uses some of his work for children’s books – they are lovely, inventive and colourful, so perfectly suited.  This was my favourite.


Then we headed back into Norwich, to St Etheldreda and Wensum Lodge, where there are a selection of artists on show.  We particularly wanted to see Linda Chapman at St Etheldreda – last year we had both not bought from her, and regretted it.  Unfortunately she didn’t actually have much on show this year, and her sketches were much sketchier (if that makes sense); last year they were a lot more defined.  She does wonderful captured moments, especially of people waiting around at bus stops etc.  This is from the ‘Norwich 20’ website – have a look at – there are some amazing artists in that group.

Bus Station 88

We were planning to revisit Muspole Street Studios (we do this pretty much every year – there are so many good artists there). Of course I have to say something about the amazing Martin Mitchell – he is so good!  I can’t believe the detail he captures in his etchings – again I have cheated, as my photos did not do him justice, so this is from  Martin apparently was the founder of the Print Fair – which I’m looking forward to in September.

Bishops Bridge

Then we saw the gobsmackingly wonderful Will Teather, and all was lost.  Kayley and I both wanted to buy – and I talked her into parting with £400, which put paid to any of her previous possibilities.  We had seen some beautiful pieces, but you just know something is right when it makes your heart beat faster.  She didn’t need much convincing, to be honest, but I did my damndest anyway as I couldn’t bear for one of us not to have it.  I bought a print for £100 (top middle in the photo), but I also for a very serious half hour (honestly) toyed with the idea of buying a large portrait for £4,000 when Will said it might be possible for me to buy in some installments (which he will only do in limited circumstances, I should point out).  OMG I am seriously deluded.  But folks, if you do not understand why anyone would part with those kinds of sums of money for art, you live on a different planet to me.  I am so in love with that portrait I still dream about it.  No I haven’t got a picture of it – because I don’t want a record of what I can’t have, and I don’t want to see your face when you make any judgement about my taste!  But this is a sample of Will’s wonderful work, full of drama and black humour and general wierdness – so of course I love it!


We of course had our break for tea and cake – how poetic is this?  Kayley in Caleys:

kayley in caleys

We are happy bunnies.  I can’t think of a better way to spend time.  Apart from my purchases from Phil Wilkinson and Will Teather today, I also went back and bought work from Paul Cozens and have emailed Richard Newby to order a print, but I have been pretty frugal this year (due to buying unframed work, mostly) and spent a very little over £200.  Thank you Open Studios 🙂


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