Sewing samples

I thought it was about time I posted again because it looks as though I have been lazy in not writing anything, when actually I have been very busy, socialising and having friends to stay.

I’ve had a little creative project going for a while, which started with me wanting a nice iPad cover for myself.  I liked one I saw in lovely Harris tweed, but it was £40 so I did not rush out and buy it.  Then I saw a fair-isle jumper in the local charity shop, and decided it would be nice to use that to make my own iPad sleeve.  That was some time ago; since then I have collected various sweaters from charity shops and also looked out for nice samples of fabric – Jarrolds usually has some interesting “fat 1/4” samples – that is, 1/4 of a metre but cut on the square rather than long and thin.  I made a few presents for people, but here are some of the samples I’ve made so far.


They have a fleecy interlining and also a cotton or linen liner.  I like the little coin purses, so I’ve made a few samples.


I’ve made a few other iPad sleeves, from a variety of fabrics:


And also made some make-up bags (and given some away as presents):


I did make some phone covers, but I don’t really like them much (apart from the owl fabric, which my daughter Rose hand-printed) – I think this is because I think phone covers are fiddly little nuisance things:


I bought a kid’s t-shirt which i thought would make a nice iPad cover, but I wasn’t sure how well the jersey fabric would sew – turns out it was fine.


The one next to it is a much more expensive linen, but that is now one of my favourites.

Then I got asked whether I had any samples that were more ‘manly’ – I had never even thought about it, but it made me realise how girlie all my sample materials were.  So here we are with the first two sewn to meet the challenge (pictured next to my iPad to show size):

ImageThe one in the middle is some kind of fake snakeskin which is really easy to sew, but impossible to iron.  I’m just experimenting at the moment, to see what is possible.  I’d like to make some sample iPad sleeves that zip up and also with a flap that buttons up.  I’ve also been asked to make a waterproof version, so watch this space.


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