Gay Pride July 2013

The sun was being shy today, but clearly no-else felt like that – what a lovely day of celebration and happiness.  In the park (Chapelfield Gardens) there were lots of people enjoying the good weather because it was very warm and bright even if there was a lot of cloud.  Various activities were centred here for children and anyone who felt like dancing.  There were lots of great costumes although they weren’t compulsory; a little touch of rainbow could be worn as a badge or hat, or even just in your heart.






In the City centre even the trees have been decorated with prideImage

And City Hall was dressed for the occasion:

Imagewith some very proud lions


and I saw some other great costumes outside the Forum, which was also a centre for activities both musical and politicalImage

ImageAll in all a brilliant, colourful, musical, vibrant celebration of equality and diversity in action. The only negative voice I heard all day was when a teenage boy saw the ‘Quakers for Equality’ sign in Chapelfield and he made a grumpy old man harrumphy noise and said ‘why do they have to bring bloody religion into it?’ – which kind of misses the point, young man!


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