Week 2 begins

Just so’s you know, I am definitely busy with Week 2, I have started on my physical stuff.  I thought I would end up cleaning the house in frantic style (very useful, much needed) but when I got home I looked around and thought ‘….nah’.  So then I thought ‘hey, let’s get that Wii fit thingy out that has been propped up beside the TV since Christmas; I can do a little bit while the potatoes boil, job done’.  But of course I’d forgotten how to access the damn thing through the telly, and by the time I had pressed every button on the remote twice (apart from one, obviously, but I didn’t realise it at the time) and had a look at the instruction book, the timer was beeping. So plan C was put into action – I put on my MBT’s and went for a 30 minute walk. Fantastic.  I took my phone (which by accident of saying yes to synchronising everything has all of my daughter’s old music downloads on it) and some little earphones.  So I walked with pounding beat from Idlewild, Jimmy Eat World, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kings of Leon.  I was in the groove, just like being in the gym and jogging away on the treadmill to Eye of the Tiger only better.


The trick is to set myself really low targets – I think I might just be able to do a 30 minute walk once a day for a week, because even when it’s really hard to stick to a routine because life gets in the way, I can be disciplined enough to see it through for such a short time.  And that’s kind of my goal – not to be an athlete, but to learn how not to give up.

The following week I think I might try doing something cultural every day – which will be helped by the fact that I have 2 Japanese students coming to stay.  But it will also be hard to stick to, since I’m working full-time.  Does going to see Alpha Papa count?

I will go back to my Sunday Scribbles, and I also plan to do a guide to the best second-hand and vintage shops, as well as more on the cafés, restaurants and sights of Norwich (with better photos hopefully!)

The fact is, there just isn’t enough time to do everything I want, but I have noticed the huge opportunity cost I’ve been squandering by watching TV – and I haven’t really missed it.


One thought on “Week 2 begins

  1. I am right there with you. I am on week two, too. I’m having to set smaller goals and make a “to do” list for the day. Good Luck! As my motto states: One Decision One Day at a time.

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